Fall Parking Reminder

Fall foliage attracts a higher than normal number of visitors to Vaughan Woods, and that can make parking a challenge. The lot at the Hallowell trailhead on the corner of Litchfield Road and Middle Street only holds 12 cars, and street parking is prohibited. Police will tow and ticket in this neighborhood. If the lot is full, then please come back another time, or give it a few minutes, and a spot will open up! Alternately, during non-school ours (afternoons, weekends, holidays . . .) utilize the Farmingdale Trailhead behind Hall-Dale High School at 97 Maple Street. Park behind the school by the tennis courts – you will find the trailhead behind the courts. A final option is to add a stroll to your outing through the beautiful streets of historic Hallowell by parking downtown and walking to the trailhead – it’s really not the far and you’ll get more steps in! Minimizing crowds at the trailhead and on the trail is not only considerate of trailhead neighbors but also supports our goal of providing visitors with a feeling of solitude and tranquility in Vaughan Woods! Thank you for your understanding.