Information for Photographers

Low-Impact Photography in Vaughan Woods

Thank you for helping us to protect this scenic but sensitive natural area as well as the experience of those who come to enjoy it.

Every year, Vaughan Woods welcomes thousands of photographers, both professional and recreational, who come to take advantage of its picturesque bridges, cascading falls, colorful pastures, and scenic trails. Due to this extreme popularity, we ask that all photographers use low-impact practices.

Only small-scale, non-commercial photography and/or filming is allowed in Vaughan Woods. Use of Vaughan Woods by professional portrait photographers is allowed, as long as it is small-scale, discrete, respectful of other visitors, and in accordance with our low-impact guidelines as listed below. Mini-session events and any advertising of Vaughan Woods is considered commercial use and is prohibited.

Use only equipment and props that are carried at all times. 
Prohibited: tents, costume carts, wagons, etc.. Small tripods are allowed.

Avoid sensitive natural resources and leave no trace. 
Please do not trample vegetation. Stay on the trail and carry out all trash. Do not leave behind paint, confetti, glitter or any other materials.

Be discrete and respect others. 
Minimize impact on the experience of other visitors. Keep your group size at five people or less. Do not block the trail. Portrait photography in popular areas should be brief to minimize the exclusion of other visitors. And finally, remember that Vaughan Woods is a family-friendly place.

Make safe choices and watch your step. 
Rocks, slopes, bridges, etc. may have uneven or slippery footing.

Follow ALL rules and stewardship guidelines that apply to public use of Vaughan Woods.

Photography and/or filming activities that cannot follow these practices are prohibited in Vaughan Woods without express permission. Vaughan Woods & Historic Homestead reserves the right to deny any photography or filming activities deemed contrary to the intended purpose or protection of the site.

Portrait photography at Vaughan Homestead

The front porch, garden gazebos, covered pavilions, Adirondack chairs, flower and vegetable gardens and colorful fields make a beautiful setting for portraits year-round.

Appointments may be made, for a small fee, by professional photographers to meet clients in the gardens and grounds surrounding Vaughan Homestead. Time slots may be limited and some restrictions apply. Use of the Homestead gardens and grounds without an appointment is prohibited.

Contact us at to make an appointment.