Did you know that Vaughan Woods was once home to a sandpaper factory and a wire mill? Or that during the mid 1700s the future King of France almost drowned while fishing in Vaughan Stream? And why did William Warren Vaughan and his brother name their favorite sitting spot the “gloat bridge?” Join us for a one hour history hike of Vaughan Woods where you’ll learn these stories and more!

Gates open to the Homestead grounds at 5 p.m. – pack a picnic and stroll the grounds before the hike.

The hike begins promptly at 6 p.m. There will be two groups – for those up for a bit of rustic and steep terrain, we’ll head from the Homestead down along the stream then back up the Corniche Trail. For those looking for more even and gradual terrain, our second leader will guide a group down and back on the Corniche Trail.

Check availability and/or make reservations for the following dates: