Parking & Directions

Trailhead parking for Vaughan Woods is available in both Hallowell and Farmingdale.

In Hallowell, find limited parking at the corner of Litchfield Road and Middle Street – this trailhead is listed as 2.5 Litchfield Road on Google Maps. If you see the brick pillars of Vaughan Homestead at 2 Litchfield Road, continue uphill where you will see the trailhead parking on your left – the Homestead grounds are only open when a program is in session, and trailhead parking is not available there. For the safety of all, please park only in the designated parking area, not along the road. If the parking area is full, ample space is available a short drive away at the Hall-Dale High School in Farmingdale.

In Farmingdale, find ample parking afternoons and summers and year-round weekends behind Hall-Dale High School at 97 Maple Street. The trailhead is located on the west side of the tennis courts. Use of this parking area is strongly encouraged.

Bus parking is available at the Homestead at 2 Litchfield Road in Hallowell upon request. Bus parking is only available at the High School during the summer and is never permitted at the Hallowell parking area at the corner of Litchfield Road and Middle Street. Schools & organized groups must read guidelines and register prior to visiting the Woods.

Directions to Vaughan Homestead

Access to Vaughan Woods trails is not available to the public from the Homestead grounds, and public parking is not permitted.

Parking is, however, available at Vaughan Homestead when attending a program or for Homestead-related business. Park by the barn or follow directional signs during large events. See driving directions below.