Vaughan Related Online Exhibits

Dorchester Industrial School Exhibit & Mary Elliot Parkman, Vaughan Ancestor
Mary Elliot Parkman

Mary Parkman was the mother of Ellen Twisleton Vaughan who lived at Vaughan Homestead with her husband, William Warren Vaughan, for over 40 years at the turn of the 20th century.

Mary and her children lived in Boston where she served for a time as the President of the Dorchester Industrial School for Girls. Ellen Vaughan must certainly have spent time at the school with her mother. The Boston City Archaeology Lab and the graduate History students at the University of Massachusetts Boston created an online exhibit about an archeological dig at the site of the school and stories about both the students and staff. Vaughan Homestead lent the use of this portrait of Mary Elliot Parkman from its collection to enhance the exhibit. Read about the dig and about Mary’s story here: 

Dorchester Industrial School

Mary Parkman

Sarah Manning Vaughan Exhibit – temporarily offline

Utilizing the Vaughan papers housed at The American Philosophical Society in Philadelphia, Dr. Tara McGowan created this online exhibit about Sarah Vaughan’s educational practices in late 18th and early 19th century: “Enlightened Conversation in the Kennebec Kingdom of Sarah Manning Vaughan.” It is shared here with permission from the American Philosophical Society and Dr. McGowan.